Sydney doctor to enter plea on sexual assault charge

Staff ~ The Cape Breton Post
Published on February 4, 2014

SYDNEY — A Sydney-based doctor is scheduled to appear back in provincial court next month to enter a plea on a single count of sexual assault.

Dayananda Kodagoda, 65, a family physician, is alleged to have committed the offence last Aug. 19 in Sydney. The complainant in the case is female.

Kodagoda was not present in court Monday but was represented by a defence lawyer Tony Mozvik. He is now scheduled back in court March 3 to enter a plea.

Kodogoda is free on conditions including he not perform examinations on female patients without another female in the room.

A spokesperson for the Cape Breton District Health Authority said Monday such a condition also applies when the doctor is working at any of the authority's hospital sites.

Dr. William Lowe, deputy registrar for The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia, said Monday he was unable to answer specific questions about the Kodagoda case because of privacy concerns.

However, he did describe the general process the college follows when such cases are brought to its attention.

He said an overriding concern in such cases is protection of the public.

He said when the college is made aware of criminal charges, there is a meeting with the physician and measures can be implemented to ensure public safety.

He said such measures can include a sign being posted in a physician's office advising that female examinations will be conducted in the presence of another female.

As for an accused physician, Lowe said there is always the presumption of innocence and the college will wait until the conclusion of the criminal case prior to taking any further disciplinary measures if warranted.