RCMP stepping up enforcement on Confederation Bridge

Recent incidents putting people at risk, say management

Colin MacLean colin.maclean@journalpioneer.com
Published on February 12, 2014
Confederation Bridge.
David Wells

BORDEN-CARLETON – The RMCP is stepping up enforcement on the Confederation Bridge.

The move comes after a spat of recent, potentially dangerous, situations on the colossal structure.

Staff Sgt. Ken Spenceley, RCMP commander of Prince District, said his officers have issued 11 Tickets for cell phone usage on the bridge since Feb. 4. Resulting in $325 in fines.

“We remind motorists that use of mobile devices while operating a motor vehicle is prohibited and RCMP are monitoring the situation at the bridge very closely,” said Spenceley.

The Mounties issued a joint press release on Tuesday with Confederation Bridge, highlighting the need for drivers to pay more attention to the road.

They pointed out that there have been five recent incidents on the bridge caused by driver inattention.

Enough is enough, said Michel Le Chasseur, general manager for bridge.

“We require your undivided attention when driving the bridge as conditions can change rapidly due to traffic, weather, maintenance and other factors over this 13 kilometer stretch of road. These accidents have caused several injuries requiring hospitalization and several delays due to salvage operations, inspection and repairs,” he said.

A mid-January collision on the bridge, involving a car and a sweeper truck, shut it down for more than five hours, causing significant backup.

The driver of the sweeper had to be taken to hospital for minor injuries.

Le Chasseur urged everyone, to take note of the situation and think about the safety of their friends and neighbours who also use Confederation Bridge.

He also hinted that more changes or enforcement efforts could be coming.  

 “This public reminder is the first step in increasing safety measures for our employees and the travelling public. More tangible changes are coming. Technology is great, but like everything else, excess can be deadly,” he said.