Town councillor taking over reins of exhibition in interim

Published on January 7, 2014
Raymond Tynes is the new interim general manager of the NSPE.

BIBLE HILL - A Truro town councillor is stepping into the general manager position in the interim for the Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition.

Bruce Kennedy, chairman of the board of directors for the exhibition, said Raymond Tynes will be acting general manager until a more permanent hiring process takes place.

"We will appoint people to positions where necessary," said Kennedy on Tuesday, following a Monday night NSPE meeting.

"We will have an interim general manager to control the employees still there, such as those in maintenance and looking after the office."

On Friday, three employees of the exhibition - the general manager, accountant and office secretary - were laid off. Following the layoffs, two board members passed in their resignations, including outgoing chairman John Douglas.

Kennedy said the accountant's duties are reduced throughout the winter months, with any work needing to be done, such as payment for maintenance workers, can be completed through the board.

The board chairman also said some of the business of the exhibition has been discussed "in-camera, and we can't give full disclosure yet."

"We are taking some time to re-evaluate all the positions and come back in the very near future, hopefully as a more efficient exhibition," he added. "Hopefully we can come back within two weeks with full disclosure."

Along with filling the general manager's position in the interim, Kennedy said the office secretary position will continue.

"I believe she's not going anywhere," he said of the woman who held the position prior to Friday's layoffs.

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