Parents of Colchester County’s first baby of 2014 happy and proud

Published on January 3, 2014
Kim and Dave Tattrie of Malagash are the happy parents of Colchester County’s first baby for 2014. Bryson John was born at 12:46 a.m. New Year’s Day. HARRY SULLIVAN – TRURO DAILY NEWS

TRURO – They heard him utter his first cry and then the same thought ran through both parent’s heads: “Wow, he’s here.”

And with that, little Bryson John Tattrie introduced himself to the world, all 8 lbs. and 2 oz. of screaming baby boy.

“Wow, he’s here. This is crazy. This is happening,” said mom Kim, of her initial thoughts as her new baby exercised his lungs for the first time.

“And then hearing him cry right away was a good sign too because I knew he’s healthy, he’s good. And that’s the other thing that went through my mind. I just sat there and listened to him.”

Not only is young Bryson John the first child for Kim, 34, and Dave Tattrie, 36, of Malagash, he was also the first baby born at the Colchester East Hants Health Centre this year. And the happy parents say he may also be the first baby born within the province for this year, arriving when he did at 12:46 a.m. on Jan. 1.

Kim was actually not due until Jan. 5, but after experiencing pre-labour signs for the past while, the couple was fully prepared that he might well arrive early.

“So we were ready at any time,” she said.

The couple came into the hospital for a scheduled appointment on Monday, at which point Kim was admitted because of high blood pressure related to the pregnancy.

She then went into labour on Tuesday but after almost 12 hours without success, her son was delivered by cesarean section.

“As a woman you always think about natural birth and the fact that you go through all that and then it’s a C section,” she said. “But when he’s coming out of you and then to hear him cry, even though I couldn’t’ see anything, I could hear him and that was pretty amazing.”

Amazing was also the term that daddy Dave used to describe his feeling as he stood and watched his son being born.

“It was just amazing. I just watched him learn, take his first glimpse around,” he said. ”Everything just blurred right out then. I tried to take pictures but my camera wouldn’t work. Everything around me was just a buzz.”

A couple of days later, however, and things are settling in just fine.

“It’s like a learning every time. Every scream or every cry, we’re just learning what that means for us,” Kim said. “But so far we’re both adapting very well.”

The new parents and baby are also adjusting well to his sleeping and feeding schedule and they both said the hospital care they are receiving is second to none.

“It’s fabulous. We’ve had unbelievable care,” Kim said. “The nursing staff has been a big help. The doctor’s have been checking in on us. ”

The couple is also impressed with the hospital itself, given the spacious room they are in, the fact it contains a chair that pulls out into a bed for Dave and that it has a bathroom with a shower so he can stay close by.

“It’s a great facility,” Dave said.

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