Tatamagouche-area man who rescued driver from SUV says he’s not a hero

‘I was just doing what anyone else would have done’

Raissa Tetanish rtetanish@trurodaily.com
Published on September 16, 2013
David Grandy, who owns a trucking company near Tatamagouche that hauls wood for mills, is dismissing his weekend actions as heroic after he helped pull a man from a vehicle. The vehicle had collided with two horses and was fully engulfed in flames shortly after the driver was pulled to safety.
Raissa Tetanish - Truro Daily News

OLIVER – David Grandy doesn’t consider himself a hero, but that’s exactly what members of the local RCMP detachment are saying.

Grandy and another passing motorist were able to pull a trapped man from a vehicle after the vehicle he was driving collided with two horses.

“I was just doing what anyone else would have done,” said the 58-year-old truck driver and business owner. “I just went in and did what anyone would do. I wasn’t really thinking.”

It was around 5:45 a.m. Saturday when Grandy and his wife passed a man waving his arms near the Masstown exit on the 104. The couple realized a vehicle was down a bank.

“The first thing you think when you see someone waving on the side of the road is, ‘should I stop,’ but we did see the gravel on the road so we knew something was wrong.”

Grandy said he pulled his truck around to shine the headlights onto the SUV.

“At first I didn’t think we should move the driver, but then I started to see smoke,” he said, adding by that time a second motorist had stopped and rushed toward the vehicle with the man from the road – the passenger of the SUV.

“The other man started to pull the driver out of the vehicle and we were able to grab onto him and pull him out. He could have been 100 pounds, but he was just dead weight – he felt about 300.”

As they were pulling the driver up the bank, Grandy said they heard popping.

“(The SUV) never really exploded, but about two or three minutes after we had him out of the vehicle, it was fully engulfed in flames.”

Hauling wood on the highways for the past 15 years, Grandy said he normally leaves his house near Tatamagouche at about 4:30 in the morning.

But that morning, Grandy slept in.

“I was complaining about that because my customers know what time to expect me, but it’s a good thing I slept in. Someone else probably would have stopped too, but I’m glad I was there.”

In a news release, the Colchester RCMP said three horses were loose and the SUV collided with two, killing them both. The third, which was found in a nearby field, was returned to its owner.

Const. Dal Hutchinson is calling Grandy and the other man, whom they still haven’t been able to identify, heroes.

“They saved that guy’s life,” Hutchinson was quoted as saying shortly after the news release was issued.

Both the driver and passenger were transported to the Colchester East Hants Health Centre. The passenger was released over the weekend, while Hutchinson said the driver was airlifted to Halifax but was unsure of the extent of the injuries.



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