Celebrating agriculture with Open Farm Day

Raissa Tetanish rtetanish@trurodaily.com
Published on September 15, 2013

CENTRAL NORTH RIVER – From one demonstration to the next, Jade Wright kept her mother on her toes.

The five-year-old from Salmon River visited Upperbrook Farm during Sunday's Open Farm Day with her friend Keera Upham, 8.

“I really liked seeing the dog chasing the sheep,” Jade said after making a bracelet out of some sheep’s wool with Rene Gould. “I’ve never seen that done before.”

With a love of everything farming, Jade’s mother, Sue, knew Open Farm Day would be perfect for both her daughter and Keera.

“They are animal fanatics. Anything farm-related, they’re interested in,” she said.

“I think Open Farm Day is awesome.”

While both girls like horses, they had a chance to see the sheep, some of which were being sheared on the farm, ducks, goats and even cattle.

“I really liked the dogs,” said Keera.

For Gould, Open Farm Day is nothing new. The Bible Hill resident attended the same farm about four years ago and met fellow demonstrator Gwyneth Jones who was showcasing needle felting then, just like she was yesterday.

“My daughter and I took a felting workshop and I’ve been felting ever since,” Gould said, in between visitors to her table. “I had kind of just fallen into it. It’s really easy to do.”

With a number of items on display, such as owls, acorns and the start of a mat, Gould said you can make whatever your heart desires.

“You can make something flat or even 3D…whatever you’re thinking or your brain does.”

Gould is passionate about reusing things whenever possible.

“With wool, it’s just not used like it should be,” she said, picking a Nativity scene out of a bag that a customer had ordered.

“This is one of my favourites to make, and ladybugs are also a lot of fun.”

Ruth Mathewson, who runs the farm with her mother, Greta, said she wanted to participate in Open Farm Day for a number of reasons.

“We have a beautiful spot here and we wanted to share it with other people so they can see what we do,” she said. “Plus, we have the only modern woolen mill in Nova Scotia.”

Mathewson said it’s also an opportunity for people to learn where their food comes from, and learn about others in the area.

“Farmers today have to be mixed and have a variety of things, so this is about showing everyone else as well, plus their talents.”

Along with Gould and Jones, Open Farm Day at Upperbrook Farm featured Fred Hamilton of Lower Onslow showcasing a couple of his dogs herding sheep, Bible Hill’s Carolann Naugle making wreaths, and Lower Onslow’s Angela Worsley making baskets.

Other Colchester County farms to participate in Open Farm Day were Stokdijk Greenhouses Limited in Beaver Brook, Cochrane Family Farm in Upper Stewiacke, Smiths Christmas Tree Lot in Harmony, Sugar Moon Farm in Earltown, and Ebbett’s Meadow Brook Farm in Balfron.



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