Colchester SPCA adoption fees set to increase

Raissa Tetanish
Published on June 26, 2013

TRURO – It will soon cost a little bit more to adopt a pet from the Colchester SPCA branch.

Sara Delaney, shelter manager, confirmed costs to adopt kittens, puppies, cats and dogs will increase as of July 1.

“We looked at what we were putting out for cats, through vet visits every week, flea and worm treatment, tests for leukemia and even vaccinations, as well as spay or neutering – and dogs as well, and we are putting out a lot more than what we are currently taking in with adoption fees,” she said. “For girls especially, we can easily put in $150 getting a cat ready to go to a home.”

Current fees are $100 now for cat and kitten adoptions, and $175 for dogs and puppies. As of July 1, those fees will increase to $120 for cats, $140 for kittens, $200 for dogs and $250 for puppies.

Delaney said there is a rebate program for those that adopt kittens and puppies, and have them spayed or neutered when the time comes.

“For dogs, it costs about $250 or $300 for larger dogs, just to have them spayed,” Delaney said.

The shelter current has three dogs available for adoption, with more expected this week.

There are about 50 cats at the shelter and another 15 are being cared for in foster homes.

The shelter also has an angel program it runs, where someone can pay the adoption fee for an adult cat and leave it there for someone else to take home with them. The program, when it runs again, will reflect the adoption fee increases.

At the local shelter, Delaney said there are papers for anyone interested that outlines how much a “free” kitten will cost them.

“They think they’re getting a deal because it’s free,” she said.

The sheet breaks down the cost of medical requirements, such as physical exams, vaccines, spay or neutering for males and females.

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