TRURO TOWN COUNCIL – Pet snakes in downtown causing concern

Truro Daily News
Published on May 6, 2013

TRURO – Snake spottings in downtown Truro have caused some concern with residents and councillors alike.

Coun. Tom Chisholm told town council on Monday that an eight-foot snake has been seen out “for a walk” in the downtown core with its owner on a number of occasions recently.

“I’ve had a few calls about it,” said Chisholm, adding the reptile has been wrapped around the person’s neck during the outings.

“Inglis Street businesses are not impressed,” he added of the sightings.  “It’s a pet (and there’s) very little we can do.”

Truro Mayor Bill Mills confirmed with the Truro Daily News that the town doesn’t have a bylaw for this type of situation.

But, he said, “the province may have issue with it. We’ll have to look into that and make a judgment call,” said Mills.

“People aren’t comfortable with some pets. There needs to be consideration of fears and phobias. It definitely got people’s attention,” Mills added.

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