Truro women out to win spot on ‘The Amazing Race Canada’

Published on February 10, 2013
Lisa Smith, left, and her gal pal Lavinia Carreau, have applied to become contestants on ‘The Amazing Race Canada,' set to air on CTV this summer.

TRURO – Sure, they’re friends now, but just let them spend some time together in frenzied, confusing, bedraggled travel conditions.

“Our husbands are saying they think that’s what’s going to happen, because our true colours are going to come out,” laughs Lisa Smith, as she and gal pal Lavinia Carreau chat about their application to become participants for the upcoming ‘The Amazing Race Canada.’

“We think each other are sweet right now,” Carreau chuckles. “We don’t know what’s going to happen until the pressure is on because I’m actually quite sensitive.”

The pair met a year ago last February when Smith was giving birth to her second daughter at the former Colchester Regional Hospital where Carreau, a mother of four, worked as a nurse.

After running into each other here and there in the following months, the pair began hanging out last summer and have since become close friends. At least while the going is good.

“So there is that thing that we (could) discover about each other that, ‘jeesh, toughen up,’” Carreau said, of one’s potential reaction to the other should they end up being chosen for the show.

Both talk in a sense as if they have already been selected, although they are also realistic about the fact that their application is just one of countless many that will be sent in to the show’s producers. In fact, neither woman has even informed their respective work places that they have applied.

“We haven’t really bothered because it’s such a long shot,” Carreau said. “But we hope that because it is such a long shot, if we were actually chosen that we would just be supported.”

Their families have offered their support, however, and despite the fact that should they be chosen to participate in the cross-Canada race, it will mean a month away from both, the women are excited about the opportunity for new challenges and adventures.

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” Smith said.

“Plus,” added Carreau, “it’s like a whole month and two moms who are really busy, that we get to just go around Canada together. And whether or not we win, we’d like to win, it would still be fun.”

Part of the application process involved making a short video of themselves and having it posted to the Internet, which in itself has begun to generate a bit of attention around town from those who have viewed it, the pair said.

“I’m not really in it for the money. I’m just in it for the adventure and the experience, the time,” Carreau said.

“And the bragging rights,” laughed Smith. “It would be an honour to be picked.”