No ulterior motive in sharing Internet fraud story, Truro woman says

Harry Sullivan
Published on October 15, 2013
Wanda Lane-Cameron

TRURO – A Truro woman who last week became a victim of Internet fraud says she went public with her story solely as a warning to others.

“I’ve gotten so many messages asking if I need anything and I know you all mean well but I did not go to the paper for pity or because I needed something,” Wanda Lane-Cameron said, of her story, which ran in Saturday’s Truro Daily News.

Lane-Cameron lost $1,245 through an Internet scam while trying to borrow money through what she believed was a legitimate financial institution.

“I don't need anything. I have everything I need,” she said, in an e-mail to this paper regarding the response she received to the story.

“Money is replaceable. Kids, family, friends, love, feelings are not replaceable. I did it in hopes people would feel how it made me feel. For example people going through mental issues, rape victims or addicts do not tell their stories to gain. They/we tell our stories in hopes that people will understand how the situation makes us feel and to make those that have experienced (something) similar know they are not alone.”

Besides offers of support, Lane-Cameron said she also received messages from some people who thought she had ulterior motives for going public with her story.

“I can’t change what I’ve done and what I’ve lost,” she said, in the original story. “But for me to stop somebody else from doing that would be a little bit of a relief for sure.”

And she said that was her one and only purpose for sharing her information.

The fraudulent company in question is called Greencrest Credit Solutions (supposedly based out of Chicago).

Lane-Cameron said the telephone number used to contact the representatives she dealt with was disconnected after a call was placed by the Truro Police Service.