Illegal dump

Greenfield resident upset about amount of garbage being left on side of roads

Staff ~ The Truro Daily News
Published on November 18, 2012
Greenfield resident Colin Hamilton couldn't believe his eyes when he came across this pile of garbage just thrown along the side of Union #2 Road close to the golf course. Hamilton can't understand people leaving garbage such as this, especially when collectors will take it from the end of a resident's road or driveway. See story on page 3. Raissa Tetanish - Truro Daily News

GREENFIELD - Illegal dumping on dirt roads in Greenfield is causing a sore spot for at least one local resident.

Colin Hamilton is baffled as to why it's even happening.

"Why would anyone take the time to illegally dump it when the garbage collectors would pick it up?" Hamilton asked, who has noticed an illegal dumping spot just off the Greenfield Road. "It just makes no sense to me."

Back in the spring, Hamilton and his wife noticed garbage alongside the Union 2, which turns just off just as the Greenfield Road turns into Lilyvale Road, while walking their dog.

"There was everything from toilets to car parts," he said in regards to a spot on the road between Lilyvale and MacKenzie roads.

"My wife used to clean up alongside the road, but it got to be too much. When the dumping became closer to home, I was concerned it would become a major dump."

Hamilton said he saw some people cleaning garbage on the side of the road and stopped to ask them about it. They gave him a number to call for clean up, so he did.

"I had no idea they would even do that, and they were quick too."

But shortly after the garbage was cleaned up, more garbage returned - some in the same spot, and some closer to the Lilyvale Road.

"My wife found this one and I'm sure it wasn't here why they cleaned up the original garbage," said Hamilton about the couch and chair that were tossed into a small brook. "Why do you benefit by dumping this if it can be picked up at the end of your lane?" he said. "And to do it in a brook, no less. How does that benefit you?"

Several feet from the couch and chair in the brook, Hamilton pointed out more garbage mixed in with the trees.

"There's even a deer carcass, with hooves," Hamilton said. "Or deer felt."

While talking to Hamilton, a truck made its way along the dirt road and Hamilton, who lives less than half a mile away, said he wanted to check in the back of the truck in case it was someone coming to dump anything.

Instead, it was Brandon McCabe.

"It's about time," he said of word getting out about the garbage. "It's an eyesore. There's more up by the golf course and that was put there while clean up was going on."

Taking a drive up past the golf course, Hamilton stopped and got out of his vehicle.

"This is unreal," he said looking at a pile of strewn garbage that included two televisions, a couch, mattress, clothing, and other things.

"I didn't know this was here. Wow."

Hamilton said he found three garbage bags on a previous occasion and was able to find a piece of paper with a name and address. When he contacted the person named, they said someone must have played a prank on them.

"But within an hour, he was out and cleaned it all up. I wonder if I should do that again."

Walking in closer to the garbage, Hamilton found a bank card amongst the junk, with a name clearly visible.

"I'm going to try and contact him. He may have entrusted it to someone, you never know."