Friends mourn death of Doug Caldwell

Jason Malloy
Published on March 28, 2011

TRURO – A prominent Truro lawyer and the manager for the Liberal’s election campaign in Cumberland-Colchester-Musquodoboit Valley has died.

Douglas A. Caldwell Q.C. passed away suddenly on Sunday at home. He was 69.

Caldwell was with Patterson Law and is described on the firm’s website as being a “recognized authority in expropriation law” with “40 years of providing first-class legal counsel behind him.”

“Doug was a mentor,” said Dennis James, who co-manages the firm.

“Early on, he is the one who teaches you how to practice law and guides you on how to handle everything from trial strategy to the love of law.”

Caldwell was also managing Liberal candidate Jim Burrows’ campaign.

“ Having had the opportunity to work closely with Doug for the last four to five months, I realize what a loss his death will be to his family and his co-workers,” Burrows said in a statement.

“He was a great person to work with, a person with so much knowledge,” Burrows added. “He had a great way of expressing himself and certainly always considered other people in his thoughts and in his ideas. He was a tremendously hard worker.”

Jeff Hunt knew Caldwell as a friend, a law partner and as managers of opposing political campaigns.

“This is obviously an incredible shock,” he said. “While being law partners, sometimes with offices only a few doors apart, Doug and I enjoyed the good natured rivalry of being opposing campaign managers.”

Hunt said Caldwell was “universally respected throughout our party” and the legal community.

“He was such a gentleman.”

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