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Truro teen the youngest member of Halifax rock band

Aidan Zann-Roland will be performing as a member of Carry the Lost during Rock the Hub on Sept 23.
Aidan Zann-Roland will be performing as a member of Carry the Lost during Rock the Hub on Sept 23.

TRURO, N.S. – It was an online ad that led Aidan Zann-Roland to become the newest, and youngest, member of Carry the Lost.

During the summer of 2016 the Truro teen saw an ad on Kijiji, stating they were looking for a bass player. Being only 16 at the time, he wasn’t sure they would be interested in him, but after he sent in a recording of himself playing one of their original songs he was invited to meet the band at a practice in Halifax. Later in the week he heard he was the new band member.

“It’s was great that they took a chance on me, being so young,” he said. “It’s pretty awesome. They have really fresh, original music.”

Aidan started playing bass guitar in the Truro Junior High jazz band and was hooked. He played with the CEC band and is a member of the Nova Scotia Honours jazz program. While in Grade 10 he was a member of the jazz/funk band Shelter, which disbanded when the other members went on to university.

He now travels to Halifax twice a week to join the other members of Carry the Lost for practices, performances and to work on recording an album (which will be released in the spring of 2018).

When the band performed at a bar Aidan’s age was an issue. He had to wait in the car until it was time to perform, then gather up his things and leave as soon as he was done.

“I really like the excitement of creating, putting things together and playing live,” he said. “Ideally, I can be a professional musician, but I will always do it on the side if it’s not my main job.”

Carry the Lost will be opening for One Bad Son at Rock the Hub on Sept. 23 at 6:30 p.m. and Aidan is looking forward to it.

“This event will be one of the biggest shows I’ve played and it’s in my home town so I hope lots of people come out. We’re opening for a good rock band that plays the same style of music. The entire band is pumped to play.”

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