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Cannabis Day observed Thursday

4/20 is a day of civil disobedience, with Canadians across the country taking part on April 20.
4/20 is a day of civil disobedience, with Canadians across the country taking part on April 20.

Anyone heading out to participate in Cannabis Day activities in Truro on Wednesday are advised that current marijuana laws remain in effect, police say.

Truro, NS-April 20, or 4/20 has been recognized as Cannabis Day when weed smokers gather in groups to participate in peaceful, civil disobedience. That includes Victoria Park where people have gathered in past years to light up publicly.

But despite last week’s introduction of federal legislation aimed at legalizing marijuana by next year, for people 18 and older, Truro Police Inspector Rob Hearn said officers will be operating under the current laws.

“It’s important to remember that although the law is likely to change regarding the possession and consumption of marijuana,” he said, “as of today, Truro police will follow the law that is in effect, not what is being proposed,” Hearn said.

In 2016, hundreds of cannabis activists gathered on Parliament Hill to celebrate the day.

Hearn did add, however, that past 4/20 events have not been well attended in this area.

“If we receive a complaint from the public it will be investigated and if charges are warranted they will be laid,” Hearn said.

Evan Price, chairman of the Truro Parks Committee said there are other considerations for anyone planning to smoke in Victoria Park.

“I believe there is a non- smoking bylaw in the town that applies to Victoria Park, and park safety and not having open flames in an area where there are trees and deadfall,” he said. But Price did acknowledge the day will have “special value to folks this year because they are one step closer to legalizing.”

Price, who plans to develop a medical marijuana grow facility called the Truro Herbal Company, does advocates the safe consumption of medicinal marijuana, providing the laws are abided with.

 “It’s important, in knowing what types and quantities you are consuming,” he said.

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