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Bible Hill man has passion for magic (Includes Video)

Zak Rafih enjoys entertaining people with 'magic.'
Zak Rafih enjoys entertaining people with 'magic.'

BIBLE HILL, N.S. – It’s that look of amazement on someone’s face that brings out the performer in Zak Rafih.

Rafih first became fascinated with magic when he was a teenager and he now performs at various events.

Ultimately, what drew the Bible Hill young man to magic was an encounter with a well known local magician at a shop on the Esplanade.

“I was at Batter’s Box and Mr. J was there and showed me a trick,” he recalled. “It blew my mind and I wanted to learn more.”

He devoted his spare time to magic, carrying a deck of cards with him so he could practise when an opportunity arose.

He even began dreaming about magic. He watched a clip, over and over, of Paul Gertner doing a trick called “That’s Ridiculous,” trying to see how it was done but couldn’t figure it out. After he went to sleep he had a dream where Gertner showed him, and the next day he excitedly showed a friend.

“It worked but I later found out how Paul Gertner did it, and there were differences,” he said.

Rafih did his first show at age 17, for a Grade 1 class.

“That wasn’t easy,” he said. “Kids are a tough audience. I do shows for adults now.”

Zak Rafih combines magic and humour in his performances. The Bible Hill man first started learning magic tricks when he was a teenager.

He’s performed for many corporate events and staff parties but, for a while, when he was living in Toronto, he wasn’t devoting a lot of time to magic, although he did take the chance to realize another dream – performing stand-up comedy at a club, Absolute Comedy. When he moved back to Nova Scotia last year he decided to get more involved in magic again, and now adds a bit of comedy to his performances.

“I recently did a show in Hubbards and it made me realize how much I enjoy it,” he said. “I love seeing the reactions from the crowd. I do a lot of sleight of hand. That takes tons of practice but it’s never felt like work.”

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