ABOUT ART – By Janice Guinan: Collaborative effort is good for all

Published on November 1, 2016
The Truro Arts Society, is having a Fall/Christmas Show and Sale at Babbling Brook Antiques and Gifts, in Truro. From left are Christene Sandeson, TAS secretary; Joel Calabrese TAS Co-President; Marilyn Whalen TAS Past President; and Brandt Eisner, Swoon Room curator. The show will run for two months.
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The Truro Arts Society, is having a Fall/Christmas Show and Sale in the Swoon Room at Babbling Brook Antiques and Gifts, 676 Prince Street in Truro.

The show will run for two months, November and December, just in time for that special gift-giving season. Babbling Brook, owned and operated by Kim Forster, is an ideal location with its welcoming atmosphere and established reputation for unique and wonderful gift ideas. Members of the Truro Art Society are thrilled with the opportunity to show there.

"While traveling through any community in any down town, a pedestrian will often search for interesting nooks that speak to the creative culture of the area. Antiques stores and small galleries with jewelry, pottery, and paintings are the creative thatches that balance a community and elevate it beyond its industrial practices,” said Christene Sandeson (TAS secretary). “Although many of our exhibitions are housed in the McCarthy Gallery as a result of our happy partnership with the NSCC, the TAS continues to find ways of bringing the arts to the people. In 2015, we received an ArtsVest grant which allowed us to partner with StrathAllen, who provided display space for TAS members in the Truro Mall. We have had previous Downtown Partnership grants to assist with storefront displays of members’ work.”

The retail partnerships with Truro Art Society have always proven to be popular with the public. The holiday shopping season is the top selling time for artists looking to sell their works so the timing couldn’t be better for TAS in downtown Truro.

Brandt Eisner enjoys collaborating with other artists and venues to curate art shows, special events and "pop-up" shops. He has been renting space from Babbling Brook since April to show fine art and antiques in what is now called The Swoon Room.

“Having TAS join me in The Swoon Room, was a win-win. They were looking for a place to show work and I had walls,” explained Eisner.

Having another local venue offering original artwork for purchase is a win-win for the  community and the downtown. This is an exceptional venue for those looking to acquire an heirloom treasure, or that unique gift for loved ones who seem to have everything or collectors who are particular in what they want. There are many advantages to buying local, including that personal touch you miss when purchasing art from a larger gallery or online. You can directly find out more about a particular artist, or discover you may know that artist already as someone who lives in your neighbourhood. You have the opportunity to learn the story behind the artwork and possibly the history that goes with it.  You can freely ask about the materials used and check to make sure they are of archival quality.

Dealing with people that live in your community should give you added assurance that you are making a good investment and one all can be proud of. Locally created artwork also becomes more meaningful as it symbolizes enduring relationships and may this latest TAS collaboration add to the joy-filled gift-giving days ahead.     

Janice Guinan is a local artist who passionately believes in the importance of visual art. Her About Art column appears each week in the Truro Daily News. Guinan also writes a weekly column for the Colchester Weekly News. Both can be viewed online at www.trurodaily.com. Contact her at janice@janiceguinan.com.