Actor Carly Pope and brother recovering with broken bones after carjacking

The Canadian Press ~ The News
Published on December 31, 2009

VANCOUVER - Vancouver actor Carly Pope and her brother are recovering with broken bones after a bizarre carjacking in downtown Vancouver that has led to charges against an Alberta man.
Kris Pope, also an actor, confirmed that he and his sister were injured in the incident on Tuesday, although he said he couldn't say anything about what actually happened.
"We're recovering, but we're pretty banged up," Kris Pope told The Canadian Press in a brief interview Wednesday.
"Carly's got a couple of broken vertebrae, and I've got a broken wrist, possibly a broken ankle and a smashed up face."
Vancouver police have said the altercation began when a screaming man ran up to a BMW at an intersection and jumped on the hood of the car. Police wouldn't comment on the Popes' involvement, saying only that the BMW was driven by a man with his sister as a passenger.
Police said when the driver got out, the suspect jumped inside, put the car in reverse and slammed into five other cars before crashing into the CBC building.
David Fomradas, 31, faces charges of kidnapping, aggravated assault, assault with a weapon and dangerous driving.
Pope said he and his sister were released from hospital later Tuesday evening.
The siblings were raised in Vancouver.
Carly Pope has appeared in several movies and television series, including "24," "Californication" and "Robson Arms," while her brother Kris has had brief appearances in TV shows such as "The L Word" and "Smallville."
Kris Pope also works for Dexter Associates Realty.