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Slush Cup brings out the brave, the wacky, the freezing

MARTOCK, N.S. – “I never want to do that again,” shouts a shivering seven-year-old fresh out of the water at Ski Martock.  

A few minutes later, her mother says she’s excited to do it again next year.

Abigail Hodder, 7, participated in the Slush Cup for the first time on March 25, 2017 to help raise awareness for Type 1 diabetes, which she was diagnosed with at age five.

Although she was crying, bundled in blankets, she got a large applause from the crowds gathered on either side of the pond for her effort.

“We’re a snowboarding family, so we wanted to be here,” her mother Shelby Hodder said. “She’s always wanted to be in the Slush Cup and she wanted to dress up.”

Kids, especially the younger ones ranging from five to 10, stole the show at this year’s Slush Cup, where hundreds gathered to watch skiers and snowboarders slash their way across or into a pool of water at the bottom of a hill.

Emma Burrell, 13, said she was feeling cold after taking a dip in the water at the Slush Cup.

“Cold,” she said.

How cold? “I don’t know, cold?”

This was Burrell’s first time participating in the Slush Cup, going down the hill on a snowboard.

“I was nervous at first, but when I got to the end I was just like, there’s no turning back,” she said, bundled in a white blanket. “It’s just fun.”

Burrell said she’ll be back next year.

David Wallbridge and his son Cedric, 4, made the trip to Martock from Halifax for the first time to watch the Slush Cup safely on the sidelines.

“It was lots of fun,” David said. His son agreed, saying it was “nice.”

“I liked to watch the people go over the water,” Cedric said.

Both said they’d like to come back next year to watch – Cedric said he’d like to help out the Ski Patrol some day to help those in the water.

Ski Martock Andy MacLean said he was very happy with how the day went.

“The weather started out great, with bright sunshine and that always makes it amazing, it feels like a festival,” MacLean said. “There was only a handful of people that made it across, and for me that’s a win.”

MacLean said approximately five skiers and 3 snowboarders made it across.

“My favourite part was the kid dressed as Darth Vader, they travelled all night from Mont-Tremblant in a snowstorm just to get here,” he said. “They left their vacation early in Quebec to be here for this.”

MacLean said the Slush Cup is always a fun way to close off the season.

“There were only four of five people who participated who were over 30, we had a lot of young people in it this year,” he said. “That’s my favourite part, young kids trying it out.”

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