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RCMP ready to show off renovated detachment in Bible Hill

Staff Sgt. Al Carroll in front of the newly renovated and expanded RCMP detachment in Bible Hill.
Staff Sgt. Al Carroll in front of the newly renovated and expanded RCMP detachment in Bible Hill.

BIBLE HILL, NS - Following considerable renovations – both inside and out – the RCMP detachment in Bible Hill is a very changed place, both cosmetically and operationally.

Members from various buildings are now working under one roof; some areas have been expanded and extra services are available.

There were previously 30 to 40 members working out of the structure; now there are about 70.

“It’s a great building,” said Staff Sgt. Al Carroll. “It’s nice and wide open, nice and bright.”

Carroll said although they’re still in the process of putting things away, most areas are in operation.

The view from the chair when you’re about to have a polygraph test.

The Truth Verification section offers polygraph services in the building. It’s the only section of its kind in northeastern Nova Scotia and the three members who work in it travel as far as Nunavut and Iqaluit when needed.

Forensic identification services have a much larger space, enabling roles to be expanded. One of the new spaces is a brightly-lit garage where large items, including vehicles such as the recently recovered race car, are taken in for processing.

Corporal Brad MacSwain, of the Colchester District RCMP, checks for fingerprints.

A fingerprint machine has a dedicated line to Ottawa, providing quick checks through a national database.

The building has five cells, which haven’t been used for about eight years. A Memorandum of Understanding with Truro Police Service enabled them to use their cells when necessary. Work was recently done on the cells, and when a few technical adjustments are completed, they will be ready for use again, perhaps as soon as this week.

The detachment has two interview rooms at the front of the building and two at the back, a new area for the major crime service, a board/meeting room and lunchroom. At the back there are 40 cubicles with items each general duty member needs when heading out on the road.

Since construction was done around an existing structure, a maze-like feel has been created in some hallways but everyone working there is able to navigate quickly.

Firearms seized or handed in are stored onsite until a provincial firearms officer collects them to be destroyed.

“We’ve been seizing a lot of firearms,” said Carroll. “Sometimes officers go to a complaint for something else and discover unsecured weapons.”

Others are handed over to the RCMP when the owner dies, or simply because they’re not wanted.

An external garage, with a fenced compound at the back, is located behind the main building and can be used to hold seized vehicles.

“It’s a large complex and, along with everything else there’s a lot more parking space than we’ve ever had,” added Carroll.



The extra parking now available at the Bible Hill RCMP detachment will come in handy this Thursday, Aug. 3, when an open house is held.

The event begins at 2 p.m. and limited tours will be offered.

Staff Sgt. Al Carroll closes the door to one of the cells in the RCMP detachment in Bible Hill.


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