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Hey there... it's me, Kathy: Keeping balance is a challenge


I have had a fuzzy week.

Not a common statement, indeed. Even the vertigo and dizziness has returned. It is causing real problems - I even fell over the footstool and flew through the air like Catwoman. Unfortunately, I didn't land as gracefully; I went bouncing off the coffee table.

In other medical news, I have an appointment with the surgeon to get my toe looked at.

Weight wise, I’m up one pound. Darn! I'll try harder this week.

In unrelated news, I recently went to the farmers’ market to see about booking a space to sell my homemade items. Like most of you know I make handmade jewelry, sew crafts and knit hats and mitts and crochet baby blankets. I was told I would have to send in an application to do so at the market, however, other sources told me there are other people making jewelry and knitting so there really isn't a chance of getting in. Does that mean if we have two farmers then we need two farmers’ markets? It appears I will have to find somewhere else to sell.

Thank you again for the cards and gifts. Hope everyone had a good Easter and didn’t eat too much chocolate.


Kathy Golemiec is a former resident and business owner in Stewiacke where she still has strong family connections. She currently lives in Westville. She is chronicling her struggles and challenges as she undergoes cancer treatments. Her column appears weekly in The Colchester Weekly News.



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