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Hey there, it's me Kathy : Keeping the faith

Kathy Golemiec
Kathy Golemiec

Keep your fingers crossed.

I am still waiting to see my oncologist (as of press time) and I really want this tumour to be gone so I can continue with my regular chemo every 21 days and kill the rest of the cancer. Without that treatment hitting the other cancer it’s causing my stress level to go way up and sometimes I'm having anxiety attacks.

Almost everyone has anxiety in life over things like flying, speaking in public, a new job or even being in a large crowd. Often a series of slow, deep breaths will help. But when it's a condition that happens almost every day you may require extra help.

I find sitting down and closing your eyes helps during an anxiety attack. Shift your focus away from the problem that's causing the anxiety. Scan your whole body for tense muscles and relax them. Breath deeply, slowly and regularly. You can also do yoga and meditation. Relaxation.

With that in mind, I recently got a mammogram. You would think having only one breast would make it easier. Nope. They still try to get the side with no breast in the machine and that's a job in itself. Did you know one in eight people get breast cancer? Make sure to get regular tests because early diagnosis is important and it could save your life. I am happy for the gift of life every day - even if it seems like a bad day.

In other medical news, the VON nurse is coming twice a week now and I'm doing better. My blood pressure is staying low and they want me to eat more to help increase my blood pressure, so I'm trying.

Weight wise … 146.


It sure is difficult this time of year. I miss my mother so much. I can't believe she has been gone six years. But I always feel she is watching over us. I can't really say rest in peace, mom, because she was never a person to stay still so I know she is teaching the other angels something new in heaven.


Thanks to all the people who read my column. It makes me feel good when they say they love it and it’s helping others. I'm glad I'm helping people understand that just because a doctor tells you that you have cancer it doesn't mean you have a death sentence. It means you have to fight hard and do everything your doctor tells you.


Kathy Golemiec is a former resident and business owner in Stewiacke where she still has strong family connections. She currently lives in Westville. She is chronicling her struggles and challenges as she undergoes cancer treatments. Her column appears weekly in The Colchester Weekly News.

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