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About Art: A lifelong journey

The use of coloured pencils to create a piece of art is one of Leslie Morin’s passions and giftings.
The use of coloured pencils to create a piece of art is one of Leslie Morin’s passions and giftings.

Excitement is growing for an upcoming art exhibition on the North Shore.

A large art exhibition called Art 5 (Art to the power of 5) will be presented this July at the Fraser Cultural Centre in Tatamagouche.

Featuring many different mediums the artists Carolyn Bedford (painting and bronze sculpture), Irene Boudreau (nature photography), Leslie Morin (colour pencil drawing), Christene Sandeson (acrylics and carvings) and Todd Vassallo (steel sculpture) will focus on a theme particular to their current studio practise. As a group, the work will be a powerful exhibition, opening Friday, July 7 at 6:30 p.m. and will run from July 7 to 26.

Well known Pictou County artist Leslie Morin pays close attention to detail when creating her beautiful works of art using coloured pencils. She’s excited to take part in the local exhibition.


How did you start making art and why?

My passion for drawing and sketching began long ago and I knew that art in some form would always be part of my journey. After my retirement, I had an opportunity to design an art studio in my home. Next step for me was signing up for art and marketing workshops, purchasing art books and visiting art galleries. Now, I am in my studio everyday, working on a piece, maybe two at a time. I never close the door to new challenges and new mediums. To start everyday working on an art piece is a personal passion.


What inspires you?

Realistic rendering is an art form that I have always been attracted to. My subjects that I choose are usually familiar to everyone and I feel will produce a smile. I am drawn to subjects that include imperfection, colour and a challenge to texturing. I am also inspired with the new medium, Prismacolour pencils, that I have embraced for the past three years. The tool that can give me the best results for the realism I strive for …. a snapshot!


How do you work?

Over the years I have the taken many diverse pictures that caught my eye, thinking that I'll do something with them someday. So many mediums to chose from, I tried them all, but I found the coloured pencils had a familiar feel. Drawing and sketching at a young age, the pencil worked. Working with this medium did not happen quickly or easily for me. I had a lot to learn. To start I picked Prismacolour pencils. The medium blends easily, plus they have an extremely large palette. Opposed to plein air environment, I work best with photo reference. This, also, gives more of a variety of subjects year around. Even though photos are not always the best reference when it comes to light and colour, my all white studio helps me to get a true sense of colour.


What's your background?

I graduated from NB Teachers College; two years with subject selective "Appreciatation and Instructional Art." Taught art in N.B and Ontario elementary schools and adult/children through the YMCA at various locations in Nova Scotia. I graduated from NS Community College; two years with graphic design. Here I received a strong instruction in drawing, perspective and technical skills.


Where do you sell your work?

For the past four years, I have had a solo gallery at the Indigo Blues Cafe, Water Street, Pictou, year around. During the popular seasons, I look for shows in various locations to enter my paintings.


Janice Guinan is a local artist who passionately believes in the importance of visual art. Contact her at

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