Breastfeeding café offers support to Colchester mums

Published on August 4, 2017

Women and babies who recently got together at the breastfeeding café group are, from left, Jennifer Mantin with Reese, Anna Muise with Arian, Mel Cotterill (LaLeche League), Andrea Munroe with Ira, and Mary Oatway (LaLeche League).

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TRURO, N.S. - Andrea Munroe has been able to give others tips on breastfeeding, and get tips that helped her, through the breastfeeding café.

The café is a casual time for discussion and relaxation, with LaLeche League leaders often taking part to provide support.

“It’s pretty informal,” said Andrea Munroe, who provides space for the gathering at the back of her business – Enchanted Forest on Inglis Street. “A lot of the time we just ogle each other’s beautiful babies, and quite often there are toddlers running around as well.

“I’ve been holding this type of group for about five years and have found it helpful myself. It’s a chance for moms to get out of the house, be supportive and offer support.”

The reassurance nursing mothers receive from others can be extremely valuable.

Munroe began taking her daughter to the store with her when she was three days old and her youngest child, Ira, was two weeks old when she took him in. She has often breastfed her children in the shop and other public places.

“Nursing isn’t as public in our culture as it is in some places, but we’re seeing it more than we used to, and that’s normalizing it,” she said. “I’ve never had anyone saying anything negative about it to me.”

Anna Muise, who often takes part with her son Arian, enjoys the companionship of the gatherings.

“Being with other people who are in a similar situation in life is helpful,” she said. “I also got a lot of helpful tips from people here.”

The group meets the first Tuesday of every month, from 11 a.m.-noon, in the back room at Enchanted Forest, 45 Inglis Place.

Jennifer Mantin attended the breastfeeding café to get tips on feeding her daughter Reese and to socialize with other mothers.

©Lynn Curwin/Truro Daily News



Aug. 1-7 is World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) 25th World Breastfeeding Week. WABA is a global network of individuals and organizations concerned with the protection, promotion and support of breastfeeding worldwide.