A schooner in a Stewiacke garage

By The Stewiacke Youth Media team

Published on June 11, 2014
Evan and Nick Densmore of Stewiacke are constructing a schooner in their garage. 
Photo by Stewiacke Youth Media Team

Two cousins constructing their own full-scale replica of the Bluenose

A lot of people can say they have a boat in their garage.

It may be a bulky remnant of earlier days or that canoe you’ve been waiting to use when it gets warmer outside. But no one has taken it to such lengths as two cousins, Evan and Nick Densmore, who are currently constructing a life-sized, functioning schooner identical to the Bluenose.

They’re importing materials locally from Stewiacke and from as far as the lumberyards of Quebec. Using spruce and Nova Scotian red oak, they’ve made a full ship body with a layered hull three inches thick.  

The Densmores are two carpenters who enjoy going out on the water. They were visiting Australia when they decided to pursue this project. They’re aiming to get their vessel on the water by this spring, to be operated as a tourism vessel by its own crew.