Dal AC students rolling in fun on the farm

Bible Hill notebook, Lynn Curwin

Published on October 21, 2013

Dal AC students were hopping, falling, crawling and tossing hay when the Farmers Olympics were held in the MacMillan Show Centre on Oct. 17.

Other students filled the stands to cheer on their friends and enjoy some laughs.

The evening was filled with events such as hay rolling, hay bale tossing, wheelbarrow races (with one person taking the place of the wheelbarrow), sack races, milk chugging and tug-of-war.

One sack race team easily won its heat with very coordinated hopping, but after several spills some teams gave up on the competition and simply decided to haul the sack around the ring with one team member inside.

Some students demonstrated balance and coordination, as the person on top of the round bale tried to stay on it while being rolled the length of the arena, while others demonstrated how to fall and get back on the bale over and over.

Tug-of-war was very competitive with teams such as residences matched against one another, and wheelbarrow races elicited peals of laughter.


The Cobequid Dog Club held its autumn show on Oct. 12 and 13, in the industrial building on the Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition grounds. More than 230 dogs attended the event, taking part in conformation showing, obedience trials and temperament testing.

Linda Mullen, who operates Ambercreek Golden Retrievers in Clementsvale, was at the show with three of her dogs.

“I’ve been showing goldens (golden retrievers) for 15 to 20 years,” she said. “I bought one for my son one year and it just took off from there. I have about a dozen at home now. Some are pups and some are retired dogs.

“The outstanding thing about these dogs is their temperament, and they’re also very beautiful. They have a lot of hair but if you keep up on the grooming, it’s not bad.”

Linda breeds for both show and pets and many people love her dogs so much that they come back a second time. She has a questionnaire she gets people to complete to ensure a Golden is right for them.

“I want to be sure the entire family wants a dog,” she added. “A puppy needs to have time spent with it. They need firm, consistent discipline- but not harsh. There should be no mixed messages. “

While at the Bible Hill show Linda chatted with local resident Karen Butt, who got her much-loved golden, Chelsea, from her. Karen attended the show just to admire the dogs, especially the golden retrievers.

The Cobequid Dog Club will hold a spring show in Bible Hill March 22 to 23.


Dogs will be taking part in agility and flyball competition in Bible Hill in November. The agility event will be in the Agridome Nov. 2 and 3 and flyball competition will be held there Nov. 9 and 10.

A Jacqueline Brooks dressage symposium will be held in the MacMillan Show Centre Oct. 26 and 27. Brooks is an Olympic competitor, trainer and riding coach. Those who wish to learn by auditing the clinic and/or attending a lecture are able to pay at the door. More information can be found online at http://www.novascotiadressage.com/ .

Lynn Curwin is a journalist and animal lover. She lives in Bible Hill. To share your Bible Hill news, email her at mishi@eastlink.ca.