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Tattoo and Brew at Tatamagouche Brewing Company

Alicia Vocke tattoos a client in preparation for her upcoming event on Saturday.
Alicia Vocke tattoos a client in preparation for her upcoming event on Saturday.

TRURO, N.S – Alicia Vocke loves visiting the Tatamagouche Brewing Company and says she felt the venue is the perfect location for an event.

“It’s a great chance for me to get together with clients further out of town, and it’s exposure for both me and them,” Vocke said. “Where can you go wrong with that?”

Vocke is the owner of Rolling Sea Tattooery in Truro on Prince Street. She’s hosting a tattoo event on Saturday at the Brewery, where registered guests can receive a pre-selected beer-themed tattoo.

Although the event is at a brewery, Vocke doesn't advise drinking before getting a tattoo. The event is happening from 11a.m. to 6 p.m., so after getting inked, the brews are at your own discretion, she said.

“Alcohol and tattoos aren’t a good mix, but people are attending just to watch the tattooing process. And we do have a separate room booked, I won't be tattooing right where they’re serving alcohol.”

Vocke says similar tattoo expos she has attended in the past have served alcohol, but this is the first time she is hosting this type of event.

“It’s really not about the alcohol, I can’t stress that enough.”

Each client will receive about an hour’s worth of ink, so right now there are seven appointments booked. They do have a wait-list, if someone doesn’t show up or isn’t interested in the pre-selected tattoos, it will be a first-come, first-served basis.

“I’m really excited for it. I really love the people at the Tatamagouche Brewery,” Vocke said “It’s a great environment and if all goes well, I hope this leads to other events in the future.”

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