Stu Rath’s gift to Acadia enables creation of endowed professorship

Published on March 17, 2017

Stu Rath spoke at the endowment ceremony recognizing his gift to Acadia University.


TRURO, N.S. – Business education has been enhanced at Acadia University, thanks to a gift from Stu Rath.

The Truro businessman’s donation has created the Rath Professorship in Entrepreneurship in Acadia’s F.C. Manning School of Business. The endowment will provide direct support and a research stipend.

“Universities, not only Acadia, are doing a good job with business degrees,” said Rath. “I chose Acadia because I know people connected with it and my son, his daughter, my stepdaughter and granddaughter went there. They got a good education and had good things to say about Acadia.”

While Rath has been extremely successful without a university education, he believes it would be a different story today.

“If I was a young person starting out I would go to university,” he said. “It’s different now and you can’t get the jobs you could years ago without a university education. In some ways I regret not going.”

An endowment ceremony was held at Acadia University recently, and both staff and students thanked Rath for the gift.

“I was overwhelmed by that really,” he said. “I wasn’t looking for attention; I just wanted to help.”