Nova Scotia’s Acadian Seaplants company is expanding with government help

The Canadian Press
Published on March 20, 2014

Acadian Seaplants' Dr. James S. Craigie Research and Development Center

Acadian Seaplants

HALIFAX — The expansion of a company in Nova Scotia that harvests seaweed used in specialty fertilizers, animal feed supplements and by cosmetics markets is getting provincial government support.

Acadian Seaplants is spending more than $4 million on new equipment at its operations in Shelburne County, Cornwallis, and Yarmouth and Charlesville.

The province is contributing almost $540,000 to the project.

Acadian Seaplants harvests and processes seaweed that is shipped to 80 companies around the world.

The biotechnology company’s products are used by a variety of industries and includes cultivated sea vegetables sold at Asian food markets.

Acadian Seaplants president Jean-Paul Deveau says the equipment the company is buying will help it improve productivity, while also cutting waste and emissions.