Grand Circuit week

BIBLE HILL – With a combination of great weather, great horses and lots of bets, it can’t help but be a good time. Grand Circuit week was held in Bible Hill at the Truro Raceway from July 21 to 27, 2014

Grand Circuit week
Raissa Tetanish - Truro Daily News
Sydney’s Morgan and Theresa Dicks caught the final paces of Atlantic Grand Circuit Week on Sunday at the Truro Raceway. The couple has been traveling to Bible Hill each year for the provincial cup, followed by Sunday’s card and this weekend was no exception. 

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Any Given Night January 30, 2015

 Editor's note: How does it feel to be homeless and what services are available for those who are? Those are two questions we wanted to find out as we sent out reporters for a day to experience homelessness. Truro reporter Ryan Cooke and New Glasgow reporter Kevin Adshade swapped coverage areas in search of answers. The shelters weren't aware ahead of time that they'd be coming and were not told that they were entertaining reporters, in an effort to keep the experience as real as possible. Our reporters made sure they weren't taking a place needed for someone else and a small donation is being made by The Truro Daily News to cover the costs associated with the stay at the local shelter. We hope you enjoy reading these stories.

Relief at the pumps January 09, 2015

TC Media explores the impact dropping fuel costs are having on businesses and residents in Atlantic Canada.

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Darrell Burris, an oil delivery driver with Wilson Fuels, is seen adding furnace fuel to a residence in Bible Hill. This is the peak season for consumption of both furnace and diesel fuels, a factor that tends to keep prices from decreasing too greatly during the winter months. HARRY SULLIVAN – TRURO DAILY NEWS