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Results of the survey

Do you feel the rich Acadian heritage in the area should be better promoted on the town’s tourism marketing material?

  • 49% Yes
  • 40% No
  • 10% I'm not sure

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Have you visited the Truro Farmers' Market this summer?


Have you attended this week’s Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition in Bible Hill?


Have you ever adopted an animal from the Colchester SPCA?


Have you ever walked or cycled on the Cobequid Trail?


Do you exercise regularly during the summer?

Recent survey

How would you rate your summer so far?

  • 19% Poor
  • 27% Fair
  • 29% Good
  • 25% Great

Where do you think the Toronto Blue Jays will finish this season?

  • 32% They’ll win the AL East
  • 53% They’ll get a wildcard spot
  • 15% Out of the playoffs

What do you like most about the Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition?

  • 12% Agriculture
  • 33% Animals
  • 6% Midway
  • 4% Games
  • 8% Food
  • 18% Demolition derby
  • 19% Other

Do you plan to attend next week's Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition?

  • 4% Yes, every day
  • 28% Might go once or twice
  • 68% No, not for me

How do you beat the summer heat?

  • 20% I swim in a pool
  • 15% I go to the beach/lake
  • 47% I crank up the air conditioner
  • 18% I don't try to beat it; I love it

Have you participated in obstacles races, such as Foam Fest, Mud Hero or the Spartan series?

  • 3% Yes, I'm addicted
  • 11% Yes, only a few
  • 5% No, but I plan to
  • 81% No, I'm not interested

How often do you shop in downtown Truro?

  • 23% Quite often
  • 22% Sometimes
  • 55% Rarely

Have you gone camping this summer?

  • 41% Yes
  • 46% No
  • 13% Not yet, but I plan to

Have you ever attended an RCMP Musical Ride?

  • 65% Yes
  • 28% No
  • 7% No, but I plan to attend this year

The Wild Blueberry Harvest Festival takes place throughout Colchester County Aug. 14 to 28. Will you be attending any of the festival's events?

  • 16% Yes
  • 84% No