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Results of the survey

Are feral cats a problem in your neighbourhood?

  • 23% Yes
  • 76% No

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What's your favourite thing about autumn?


Have you closed your summer cottage yet?


How often do you volunteer in your community?


With a heavy rain warning in effect for the region, are you worried about flooding at your home/workplace?


How many cups of coffee do you drink in a day?

Recent survey

Do you eat wild game?

  • 27% Yes, I love it
  • 24% A little bit
  • 49% No, I don't like the taste

How do you plan on celebrating Thanksgiving this year?

  • 50% Cooking Thanksgiving dinner at home
  • 20% Going out for Thanksgiving dinner
  • 6% In another country
  • 24% It's just another day

Do you plan to hunt this fall?

  • 8% Yes, quite a bit
  • 6% Maybe a little
  • 86% No, it's not for me

Do you attend charity hockey games at the Rath Eastlink Community Centre?

  • 3% Yes, all of them
  • 11% Some of them
  • 86% No

Which do you prefer as pets – dogs or cats?

  • 60% Dogs
  • 26% Cats
  • 14% Neither

Have you ever attended an event at the Marigold Cultural Centre?

  • 59% Yes
  • 41% No

What is your favourite time of the year?

  • 3% Spring
  • 27% Summer
  • 63% Fall
  • 7% Winter

Are you a season ticket holder to the Truro Junior A Bearcats?

  • 8% Yes
  • 92% No

Do you watch reality-based television?

  • 20% Yes, all the time
  • 18% A little bit
  • 62% No

Will you take advantage of the Town of Truro's Tree Planting Rebate Program?

  • 16% Yes
  • 54% No
  • 30% What is that?