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Results of the survey

Do you agree with the province's plan to reduce the number of district health authorities from nine to two?

  • 46% Yes
  • 53% No

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How often do you buy from local farmers?


Have you turned your heat on yet this fall?


Do you plan to attend the Fall Festival of Colours event this weekend in Wentworth?


What is your favourite kind of pie for Thanksgiving?

Recent survey

Do you plan to vote in the Oct. 19 federal election?

  • 89% Yes
  • 11% No

Do you golf during the fall?

  • 28% Yes, as much as I can
  • 4% No, it’s too cold for me
  • 68% I don’t golf

What's your favourite thing about autumn?

  • 59% Fall colours
  • 22% Cool air
  • 0% Family traditions (i.e. apple picking)
  • 12% Thanksgiving
  • 7% Halloween

Have you closed your summer cottage yet?

  • 7% Yes
  • 21% No, but I plan to soon
  • 7% I keep it open year-round
  • 65% I don't own a cottage

How often do you volunteer in your community?

  • 27% Every week
  • 12% At least once a month
  • 25% A couple times a year
  • 36% Never

With a heavy rain warning in effect for the region, are you worried about flooding at your home/workplace?

  • 21% Yes
  • 79% No

How many cups of coffee do you drink in a day?

  • 19% One
  • 19% Two
  • 26% More than two
  • 36% None

Do you eat wild game?

  • 27% Yes, I love it
  • 24% A little bit
  • 49% No, I don't like the taste

How do you plan on celebrating Thanksgiving this year?

  • 50% Cooking Thanksgiving dinner at home
  • 20% Going out for Thanksgiving dinner
  • 6% In another country
  • 24% It's just another day

Do you plan to hunt this fall?

  • 8% Yes, quite a bit
  • 6% Maybe a little
  • 86% No, it's not for me