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Results of the survey

Do you agree with the province's plan to reduce the number of district health authorities from nine to two?

  • 46% Yes
  • 53% No

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Will you attend outdoor festivals/concerts in the region this summer?


Have you purchased any flower or vegetable transplants from local garden centres yet?


Do you enjoy sport fishing as a hobby?


How often do you fish?


When will you retire?

Recent survey

Do you vote during elections?

  • 73% I vote every election
  • 0% I vote for municipal elections only
  • 10% I vote in provincial and federal elections
  • 17% I never vote

Are you following th NHL playoffs?

  • 11% Yes, I keep up with all of them
  • 13% I follow my favourite team only
  • 13% I watch some of it
  • 63% I'm not interested

Do your summer plans include travelling?

  • 41% Yes, within Nova Scotia
  • 10% Yes, within Canada
  • 16% Yes, to the United States
  • 4% Yes, internationally
  • 29% No, I will not be travelling

How will you spend the upcoming Victoria Day long weekend?

  • 11% Travelling
  • 5% Camping
  • 22% Visting friends and relatives
  • 0% Attending community events
  • 62% Other

Are you disappointed the Dutch Mason Blues Festival isn’t being held locally this year?

  • 15% Yes, I was a huge supporter
  • 35% Yes, it belongs here
  • 50% No, it ran its course in Colchester County

Do you eat lobster?

  • 43% Yes, I love it
  • 39% Occasionally
  • 15% No, it's not for me
  • 3% I've never tried it

What do you have planned for your mother on Mother's Day?

  • 27% Taking her out to dinner
  • 11% Having her over for dinner
  • 0% Buying her flowers
  • 62% Visiting and spending time with her

Will you visit Truro Raceway to watch live harness racing this season?

  • 8% Yes, as much as I can
  • 10% Might get to a few races
  • 82% No, not my thing

How do you dispose of prescription drugs you haven't finished or have expired?

  • 63% Take them to the pharmacy
  • 6% Throw them in the garbage
  • 21% Flush them down the toilet
  • 10% Store them away

How many pets do you own?

  • 28% One
  • 22% Two
  • 11% Three
  • 6% More than three
  • 33% None