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Results of the survey

Should children riding the elevator at the Rath Eastlink Community Centre in Truro be required to be accompanied by an adult?

  • 68% Yes
  • 32% No

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With the discovery of the Heartbleed bug, are you concerned about the security of your personal information online?


When travelling, where do you prefer to stay?


Do you plan to travel from Yarmouth to Portland, Maine, on the new Nova Star ferry once it is in full operation in May?

Recent survey

How will you spend your Easter weekend?

  • 6% Working all weekend
  • 15% A combination of working and free time
  • 40% Spending a long weekend with family and friends
  • 39% Nothing special planned

Prince Charles and Camilla will be visiting Halifax and Pictou on May 18 and 19. Do plan on attending events that coincide with their visit?

  • 3% Yes
  • 9% Maybe
  • 88% No

Have you ever been on a mission's trip to provide assistance to another country?

  • 0% Yes, a few times
  • 0% Yes, once and I want to go again
  • 0% No, but I'm interested to learn more about such opportunities
  • 100% No

Do you think the town of Truro should increase the area of the smoking ban on Inglis Street to include the alleys and rear of buildings located there?

  • 60% Yes
  • 40% No

Do you think rapper and hip hop artist Classified was a good choice to host a concert at the Rath Eastlink Community Centre?

  • 42% Yes
  • 58% No

Do you plan to shop at the Truro Farmers’ Market this month?

  • 42% Yes
  • 58% No

When was the last time you attended a farmers' market?

  • 17% Already this year
  • 0% Not yet this year, but will soon
  • 52% Last year
  • 11% More than a year ago
  • 20% Never

Do you plan to attend the CEC musical Shrek?

  • 17% Yes
  • 83% No

Do you feel that the provincial government’s budget for 2014-15 does enough to stimulate Nova Scotia’s economy?

  • 20% Yes
  • 68% No
  • 12% Other

When did you last support the Girl Guides by purchasing their seasonal boxes of cookies?

  • 8% This month
  • 35% Within the past year
  • 24% Within the past five years
  • 24% More than five years ago
  • 9% Never