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Results of the survey

Are you having a challenge keeping up with the cost of fuel to heat your home this winter?

  • 71% Yes
  • 22% No
  • 7% Other

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What would you use the old Colchester Correctional Centre for?


Do you agree with a Town of Truro bylaw that prohibits big commercial vehicles from being parked overnight or stored within a residential area?


Do you feel in-school anti-bullying campaigns are reducing instances of bullying?


Are you concerned about the impact Thursday’s Scottish independence referendum vote will have on Canada?


Do you plan to participate in whitetail deer hunting season this year?

Recent survey

How often do you see people driving and talking on their cell phones?

  • 86% Daily
  • 7% Weekly
  • 4% More than once a month
  • 3% Never

Have you ever donated your hair to be used for a wig?

  • 0% Yes, I frequently chop and donate
  • 9% Yes, at least once
  • 29% No, but I would like to
  • 62% Not at all

Do you plan to donate to the Terry Fox Run?

  • 19% Yes
  • 81% No

Do you like the new curb "bump-outs" in downtown Truro designed to protect pedestrians?

  • 13% Yes
  • 78% No
  • 9% Haven't seen them

Do you think Canada should increase its military presence in troubled spots?

  • 25% Yes, we're not doing our part
  • 25% No, it's money poorly spent
  • 40% Military presence isn't making improvements
  • 10% Not sure

Do you agree with Colchester County Council’s quest to seek information about a gasification process unique to India that could be used to reduce garbage here?

  • 32% Yes
  • 39% No
  • 29% Undecided, I need more information

When was the last time you volunteered in your community?

  • 13% Yesterday
  • 10% Within the past week
  • 10% Within the past month
  • 6% Within the past year
  • 31% More than a year ago
  • 30% Never

When was the last time you volunteered with a local organization?

  • 61% Every year, including the current one
  • 5% Within the last five years
  • 2% Five to 10 years ago
  • 16% More than 10 years ago
  • 16% Never

Do you feel there is enough quality child care in the area?

  • 34% Yes
  • 21% No
  • 45% I don't know

Are you pleased to see Michaels arts and crafts store open at the Truro Mall?

  • 75% Yes
  • 25% No