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Results of the survey

How do you feel about comments from the finance minister that suggest the provincial NDP government should not balance its books at any cost?

  • 14% • Totally agree
  • 10% • Mostly agree
  • 10% • On the fence
  • 9% • Mostly disagree
  • 54% • Totally disagree

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Do you live on a Colchester County road that is in serious need of repair?


Are you disappointed area golf courses are late opening this season?


Do you plan on visiting the Shubenacadie Wildlife Park this summer?


Have you been to your cottage/camp yet this spring?


When was the last time you purchased a new vehicle?

Recent survey

When was the last time you purchased something from a home-based business?

  • 15% Just this past week
  • 6% Within the last month
  • 18% Sometime this past year
  • 18% More than a year ago
  • 43% Never

Do you attend church?

  • 22% Yes
  • 59% No
  • 19% On special occasions

When it comes to sorting garbage, how often do you follow guidelines in the waste reduction guide?

  • 79% Always
  • 16% Sometimes
  • 5% Never

Compared to last year, how would rate the pothole situation in Truro and Colchester County?

  • 85% Worse than last year
  • 2% Better than last year
  • 13% About the same

Now that the weather is improving, do you find yourself getting out walking/running more?

  • 70% Yes
  • 30% No

Have you been watching the Stanley Cup playoffs?

  • 21% Yes, every night
  • 28% Just a little bit
  • 13% Just the highlights
  • 38% No, not a hockey fan

How often do you read novels?

  • 39% At least a little bit every day
  • 9% I try at least once a week
  • 20% I'll read a book a month
  • 5% I struggle to finish a book when I pick it up
  • 27% I don't read novels

Are you pleased the County of Colchester purchased the former Palliser Motel with plans to use it as a visitor information centre?

  • 50% Yes
  • 34% No
  • 16% Couldn't care less

Do you have a tattoo?

  • 20% Yes
  • 5% Yes, more than one
  • 8% No, but I'm thinking about getting one
  • 67% No, not for me

Are you surprised the deficit at the RECC for the current fiscal year is projected to be almost $1 million?

  • 8% Yes, I thought it would be less.
  • 92% No, not surprised at all.