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Results of the survey

It's cold outside. How often do you wear long underwear or an equivalent?

  • 25% • Several times a week
  • 4% • Once or twice a week
  • 20% • Once in a while
  • 50% • Never

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Do you buy gifts for Valentine's Day?


Do you own a cellphone?


Do you attend events at the Marigold Cultural Centre?


Have you ever tried sledge hockey?


What did you think of Sunday's Super Bowl?

Recent survey

Do you have a membership to the Rath Eastlink Community Centre?

  • 9% Yes
  • 86% No
  • 5% No, but I pay the drop-in fee

Have you won yet in the Tim Hortons Roll Up the Rim contest?

  • 17% Yes
  • 83% No

Do you use coupons at the grocery store?

  • 75% Yes
  • 25% No

Do you barbecue during the winter?

  • 75% Yes
  • 25% No

Do you barbecue during the winter?

  • 42% Yes
  • 58% No

Are you pleased with Shubenacadie Sam's prediction of an early spring?

  • 88% Yes
  • 12% No

Who is your pick to win Sunday's Super Bowl?

  • 31% Denver
  • 69% Carolina

Are you a curler?

  • 14% Yes, frequently
  • 3% Occasionally
  • 83% No

Do you borrow books from the Truro library?

  • 35% Yes
  • 65% No

Have you ever been the victim of fraud?

  • 45% Yes
  • 55% No