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Results of the survey

How do you feel about the decision to not have a parade as part of this year's Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition in Bible Hill?

  • 35% It's disappointing. I always enjoyed seeing it.
  • 30% It doesn't bother me because I never watched it.
  • 33% I don't care either way.

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Are you disappointed the Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition in Bible Hill will not include a parade this summer?


When was the last time you visited the Shubenacadie Wildlife Park?


Has the recent rainy weather impacted your summer?


Are you surprised Canada earned 217 medals in the recent Pam Am Games in Toronto?

Recent survey

Have you stayed overnight at a Colchester County campground this summer?

  • 0% Just once
  • 4% A few times
  • 96% No, not my thing

Do you agree with allowing Sunday hunting for the first two Sundays of general deer hunting season?

  • 28% Yes
  • 62% No
  • 10% Don't care

Do you attend church?

  • 28% Yes
  • 15% On special occasions
  • 57% No

When do you begin back-to-school shopping?

  • 18% I already started
  • 9% I will begin in the next week or two
  • 50% I start in late August
  • 23% I won't attempt it until early September

Will you be attending Atlantic Grand Circuit Week events at Truro Raceway this week?

  • 23% Yes
  • 77% No

Do you have a summer reading list?

  • 18% - Yes, and it’s a long one
  • 37% - One or two I'd like to finish
  • 12% - Not yet, any suggestions?
  • 33% - Not much of a reader

Has the recent increase of motor vehicle accidents made you more cautious on the road?

  • 55% Yes, I'm more concerned
  • 33% No, I'm always careful
  • 12% No, it doesn't bother me

Do you attend bluegrass music festivals during the summer?

  • 2% Yes, as many as I can
  • 4% I get to a couple
  • 94% No, not my thing

The Town of Truro is looking at revitalizing the playground equipment at Victoria Park. Will you be participating in the public forum to help decide what the improvements will include?

  • 24% Yes, long overdue, can't wait
  • 57% No, doesn't concern me
  • 19% Don't feel it is necessary

Will you attend a harness racing card at Truro Raceway this summer?

  • 5% Yes, most of them
  • 20% Might get to a few
  • 75% No