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Results of the survey

Do you think businesses should have a policy in place to refund unused gift certificates if the company closes permanently?

  • 82% Yes
  • 3% No
  • 10% It depends on the business and the reason for closure
  • 3%

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Which team are you cheering for in the Stanley Cup final?


Do you have flower gardens on your property?


Do you have a personal activity tracker, such as a FitBit?


Do you plan to take summer vacation?


Have you had a feed of lobster yet this spring?

Recent survey

Do you plan to camp this summer?

  • 30% Yes
  • 3% Maybe
  • 67% No

Do you exercise regularly?

  • 48% Yes
  • 52% No

Do you have a surveillance camera in your home?

  • 24% Yes
  • 76% No

How do you think Truro should handle the deer population in town?

  • 38% Cull
  • 25% Relocation
  • 37% Leave them alone

Have you ever visited the Antique Farm Equipment Museum at the NSPE grounds?

  • 37% Yes
  • 63% No

Do deer eat the plants on your property?

  • 70% Yes
  • 30% No

Have you been paying attention to the world hockey championship in Russia?

  • 12% Yes
  • 18% A bit
  • 70% No

How many cups of coffee do you drink in a day?

  • 7% One
  • 17% Two
  • 23% More than two
  • 53% None

Do you participate in yoga, either at home or a local class?

  • 32% Yes
  • 68% No

Do you grow your own garden to put food on your table?

  • 40% Yes
  • 55% No
  • 5% I intend to for the first time