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Results of the survey

Would you like to try touring downtown Truro on a battery powered, two-wheel segway?

  • 27% Yes
  • 61% No
  • 11% Maybe

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Where do think the Toronto Blue Jays will finish at the end of the MLB regular season?


How often do you eat out at local restaurants?


How closely are you following the presidential race in the United States?


Do you own any livestock, such as chickens?


How would you rate your summer so far?

Recent survey

How do you feel about Northern Pulp's plan to spray herbicide on parts of Colchester County forests?

  • 53% Strongly opposed
  • 23% I'm OK with it
  • 24% Need more information

Are you looking forward to next month's World Cup of Hockey?

  • 38% Yes
  • 62% No

Have you started back-to-school shopping yet?

  • 53% Yes
  • 47% No

What are looking forward to the most at this week’s exhibition?

  • 47% Animals
  • 9% Games/rides
  • 14% Food
  • 9% Demolition derby
  • 14% Talent show
  • 7% Other

Did you watch The Tragically Hip’s final concert on Saturday?

  • 28% Yes
  • 72% No

How excited are you for next week's Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition?

  • 2% Very
  • 15% Somewhat
  • 83% Not at all

Do you plan to attend any Wild Blueberry Harvest Festival events?

  • 37% Yes
  • 59% No
  • 4% Unsure

What is your favourite kind of berry?

  • 30% Blueberry
  • 38% Strawberry
  • 20% Raspberry
  • 8% Blackberry
  • 4% Other

If you had the chance, would you get a selfie with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau?

  • 38% Yes
  • 54% No
  • 8% What's a selfie?

Do you think Prime Minister Trudeau understands the needs of Atlantic Canadians?

  • 19% Yes
  • 81% No