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Results of the survey

Have you ever helped a wild animal in distress?

  • 73% Yes
  • 26% No

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Will you be going to see and hear The Beach Boys Friday at the RECC?


Could you live in a home that wascompletely below ground, with no outside light source?


Do you celebrate Canada Day?

Recent survey

Are you surprised by the U.K. vote to leave the European Union?

  • 51% Yes, very
  • 19% Somewhat
  • 30% Not at all

Are you a fan of the Trailer Park Boys?

  • 28% Yes
  • 72% No

Have you ever visited the Elizabeth Bishop House in Great Village?

  • 12% Yes
  • 81% No
  • 7% No, but I plan to

How do you feel about a street or building in Cole Harbour being named in honour of Sidney Crosby?

  • 45% Great idea
  • 15% Against it
  • 40% Don't care

Are you a fan of Donald Trump?

  • 23% Yes
  • 77% No

Are you a beach-goer in the summer?

  • 36% Yes
  • 64% No

Do you plan to use the new Colchester East Hants Public Library when it opens this summer?

  • 48% Yes
  • 52% No

How would you rate your spring?

  • 28% Good
  • 4% Great
  • 8% Excellent
  • 60% Terrible

Have you ever adopted an animal from the SPCA?

  • 45% Yes
  • 55% No

Have you ever used the Cat ferry from Yarmouth to Maine?

  • 8% Yes
  • 92% No