Validity of expert claims questioned

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I have come to the conclusion that the term “expert” should be banned from the English language or at least the experts themselves should be banned.

The experts in the teaching of language obviously were wrong in the approach to whole word instead of phonics. My son’s daughter was advised by the experts that she would never be able to read. He (not the school system) taught her phonics and now she loves to read. The experts who advised how much it would cost to rebuild or whatever they are doing with the Bluenose were wrong. The experts who estimated the cost of a new hospital in Truro were wrong by nearly 100 per cent. The experts who estimated the cost of electricity for the new Rath Eastlink Community Center in Truro were wrong by another 100 per cent.

It has gotten to the point that as soon as I hear the term experts used in conjunction with almost anything I immediately get suspicious. How many foods have the experts recommended us to use or not to use have proved wrong? Likewise with drugs such as the expensive calcium shots for women that now have pretty much proven to be unnecessary. Weather experts anyone? Thirty years ago we were heading into anther ice age, now it is global warming.

I wonder how it is that these experts seem to manage to hang on to their high paid positions? Are the rest of us ordinary citizens constantly being duped?


Ralph Pick   

Truro Heights


Organizations: Rath Eastlink Community Center

Geographic location: Truro

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