Dual citizenship a convenience for some

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Why have dual citizenship?

This seems to be a convenience for those who wish to use it to be here or there.

Remember Lebanon? Canada paid a large amount of money to evacuate those with dual citizenship and then, when all was clear there, they went back to their homes there.

We are now facing the same thing with Palestine. How many times will this type of occurrence repeat itself and how much will it cost us? Why did they become Canadians? Was it a matter of convenience only?

If you become a Canadian citizen, then your previous citizenship should be revoked not kept for convenience.

I have been offered dual citizenship but turned it down as I am Canadian.

I am proud to be a Canadian, why aren’t they? To me it is not a convenience as it is with them.

The time has come for all to choose. Are you a Canadian or something else?

Citizenship is a right not a convenience.


John J. Sterling


Geographic location: Lebanon, Canada

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Recent comments

  • Marion Vermeersch
    July 18, 2014 - 20:28

    In 2003-4, my citizenship (and that of my brother, a Canadian Navy veteran) was stripped - no warning, notice or way to appeal. Our crime was being the children of a War Bride and a Canadian soldier: we've been here since 1946, worked over 50 years, paid taxes, etc. I called the British Embassy in 2004 and learned that we were still British citizens because of our birth there (incidentally, so are my children, because of my birth there). If not for that, I would have been stateless. I've spent the last 10+ years trying to get my Canadian citizenship back, being accused of voting fraudulently all those years. My parents always volunteered at election time, but now the government says they were never Canadian because Dad was out of the country prior to 1947, fighting with the Royal Canadian Artillery in Europe, D-Day and all. There must be many thousands of dual citizens in Canada: most don't even know it. Yes, Britain gives me my ethnic identity but I feel that I am Canadian because that is the only country I know or remember. Why should we all be penalized for having been born, or having a parent or grandparent born in another country? I may possibly get my citizenship back under this new legislation, as a Lost Canadian, but I see nothing there to make me think I could keep it: that is exactly how we became Lost Canadians in the first place! I do believe that the vast majority of dual citizens in Canada are proud, contributing people and should not be relegated to the new second class of citizenship.