Gift certificate holders out in the cold

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To the editor,

I have just returned to my residence after having read a notice on the locked door of the BellaSanta Health Centre & Spa that they have closed their doors and are out of business.

This seems to be a trend lately with these types of businesses, but the thing that bothers me the most is the fact that I was called on Monday of this week advising me that I had to re-book my appointment as the esthetician was sick. So, I called back the next day (Tuesday) and they re-booked me for the following day, Wednesday. The notice that was posted on the door of the business was dated this same date.  

You have to ask yourself how these people get away with this type of fraud, it would appear it was business as usual right up until the day the notice was posted. How many other poor souls out there are holding gift certificates that were probably just sold to them within the last few days/weeks, with full knowledge of the employer that this was about to happen. I have to give Amy, a former employee, credit for having the guts to come to me as I walked away after reading the notice on the locked door and advising me that they, the employees, were also just informed of this closure.

She was very upset and I would assume that she was doing this of her own volition and not at the request of her former employer, otherwise, she would be doing this from inside, not outside the establishment. At least one individual in that organization had some empathy for the customers they served. Conducting business in this manner only helps to put a black mark against other businesses of this type such as customers purchasing gift certificates in advance to give to loved ones as gifts.

This is what happened to me, and I would be very skeptical about purchasing such gift certificates in the future. Good luck Amy in finding another job.

Shirley M. Roode


(Editor’s note: Several people have shared their opinions about the sudden closure of a long-time Truro business BelleSante Holistic Health Centre & Spa on

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