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Are we seriously worrying about how some girls cannot wear revealing shorts to school, when some girls cannot even go to school in the first place?

We are wasting everyone's time. There are much more important things going on right now, rather than some girl going to school in inappropriate attire, and when she's told not to wear them, she came to school the next day in another pair.  

Remember Malala Yousafaiz? She was the girl who stood up to the Taliban, when she knew there was a huge chance she could get killed. Let's talk about how Malala is so grateful that she can go to school, when more than 60 per cent of her country can't. Let's talk about how she could care less about what she wears to school- a uniform, by they way. Let's talk about how she understands that school is about education and not what you wear.  


In addition, we don't believe that the whole story was admitted. The situation between the mother, daughter and school seemed to be misunderstood. As though not everyone was communicating the whole truth. When it hit the media, even more facts were misinterpreted and stories twisted. The statements do not match. The problem being, that the school could not comment on very much- we only really got one complete side of the story.


Some people might argue that this deserves to be everywhere in the media, but we disagree. There are a lot of people who this story doesn't apply to. People who do not need to know about this, or care. Besides, there are much more important stories to report on. There are many more newsworthy stories that we need to know about, such as the Nigerian women who were kidnapped and sold. These are women's rights that we need to focus on. Not that some girls "need" to wear short shorts.


In final analysis, we believe this topic is a total waste of time, and we should be focused on more important issues. We suggest that you, as a reader, take our points into consideration. We hope that this is the end of the ridiculous situation.


Gracie MacIntosh,

Alyssa Hazelton

and Maari MacNeil

Grade 6 students, Redcliff Middle School


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