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To the editor,

Over the past few weeks there has been a buzz about short shorts in schools.

In mid-May girls wore shorts that were inappropriate for the classroom. We believe that girls should not be permitted to wear these shorts to their place of education.

First of all, if we continue to break this rule then we are eventually going to break other rules, particularly involving spaghetti straps, muscle shirts, belly shirts, etc. We feel that rules are rules, and that they should be followed. By the mother objecting to this, she is encouraging her daughter to break the rules, which is extremely disrespectful towards the school.

Similarly, there are dress codes everywhere, in places such as restaurants, malls, golf courses, pools, etc. When dress codes are not followed in these places, there are consequences, like suspension or expulsion. If you can follow the dress codes at other locations, why can't you do it at school as well?

Furthermore, many girls across the globe are fighting just to go to school. Girls in those countries have to be fully covered all around the clock. Here we have the freedom to wear whatever we want, most of the time. We seem to forget how much liberty and choice we have in our style.

Others might argue that the rules aren’t clear enough. We say that with all the reminders that this is totally unacceptable.

In conclusion, we think that short shorts should continue to be banned in learning spaces. Dress codes are made for us to follow and accept.


Abby Thiesen

Grade 6 student


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