Canadians are too trusting

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To the editor,

 While I usually read to gain information and understanding, each year I take a breather and read strictly for relaxation and entertainment.

Even while in this mode I find some gems that are worth saving, such as: “If we leave the governing to others, others will govern, and possibly not as we would like.” (Louis Lamour).

    Asked if they trust politicians, a great many people will respond strongly in the negative. Yet, our actions show otherwise. We place far too much trust in our politicians.

    It’s not that we believe they are trustworthy. We simply fail to watch what they are doing. Even those few who do watch fail to ask enough questions or dig deep enough to understand what is being done.

    One of our most cherished government programs is our universal healthcare system. Yet, when the Harper government introduced changes to the administration of that system that will allow it to slowly disintegrate into a patchwork rather than a pan-Canadian plan, few people even noticed. 

    Later, when this same Harper government effectively abandoned protections for our vast waterways, hardly a whimper of protest was heard. Very recently, libraries of invaluable scientific research, mostly focused on our treasure of fresh water lakes and streams, has been trashed by Mr. Harper’s minions. Again, virtually no response, other than by the scientific community directly responsible for creating and maintaining this valuable resource.

    Admittedly, the Harper government did a good job of hiding their plans. The legislative changes were bundled within omnibus bills that only the most dedicated were likely to discover.

    There is little doubt in my mind that these attacks on environmental protections are meant to ease the way for further expansion of the tar sands projects. It was becoming embarrassing to be constantly reminded that pollution was spreading further and further afield from the tar sands. The solution: Stop testing for pollutants. No testing equals no evidence, no evidence equals no problem.

   Allowing medicare to disintegrate into multiple provincial plans makes it more vulnerable to attempts to privatize the system. This fits very neatly into the right-wing agenda of the Harperites.

    Only 61.4 per cent of eligible voters cast a vote in the last federal election. The Harper government gained only 39.6 per cent of that number. Thus a government that has the support of only 24.3 per cent of eligible voters is making drastic changes to the way Canada is managed. 

    Canadians have enjoyed rights and freedoms that much of the world can barely dream of having. Rights come with responsibilities. Voting should be the least of these. We get the government we deserve.

Orland Kennedy




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