Angels in disguise

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To the editor,

During the last snowstorm, around April 2, I went outside for a smoke and when I bent over to put the butt out, I lost my balance and fell in a snow bank face first.

I was unable to get up and must have lain there 20 minutes calling for help all the time.

Finally, our neighbour Margo Rogers heard my call and she and her son and daughter came out to help me.

They had a struggle to get me up and into the house.

By then, I was very cold and wet. Since, I have a pacemaker I do not feel I would have lasted much longer.

Once we were inside, they helped me out of my clothes. I was shaking very badly and felt quite chilled.

I mainly want to thank Margo and her children for their help as otherwise it could have been a different story.

Thank God for these angels in disguise.


Glen Ogilvie

Truro Daily News

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