Shameful display in legislature

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To the editor,

We have just witnessed a shameful demonstration of unacceptable conduct by our government which reminds me of the playground bullying one observes when those bullying aren't getting their way.  

The government miscalculated the degree of opposition they would get in the legislature to Bill 37 believing that the other two parties would roll over and cave in, had the stomach to allow a bill which would strip workers of hard-fought and won rights to go through without much of a fuss and having a majority, they could ram it through by using closure.

Then, when it didn't turn out that way, they chose to set unreasonable all-night sittings as a way to punish the opposition, in spite of the fact there are members of the legislature who are diabetics and others with medical problems whose health is drastically affected by lack of sleep. It was as if they were chanting, "Nah, nah, nah, nah! We'll show you!"


I hand it to the membership of both opposition parties who stood their ground along side the nurses. I'm guessing that there are a lot of us (Nova Scotians) wishing to turn back the clocks to pre-election day. Unfortunately, the voices of those of us who lived through the days of broken agreements, roll backs, and wage freezes of a previous Liberal government were not loud enough to be heard over the bellowing chant of Stephen Mac Neil who really did not say much of what he planned for us. Smart move on his part, wasn't it?



Jim Harpell


Shortt's Lake

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