Quebec separation will not benefit province

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To the editor,

I cringed every time the topic of separation comes up about Quebec. 

I was born and raised in Montreal and the family moved to Ottawa when I was in my teenage years. My first husband was transferred to Montreal in 1973. It was great. Both languages were spoken fluently, children were allowed to go to school in English or French to master the languages and then in 1974, Bill 101 came out.

The radicals had a great time and everything was changed drastically. Here we are again, does Quebec Premier Pauline Marois and her cohorts not realize that by becoming a separatist Quebec they will not be entitled to use our currency, there will be no more handouts from the federal government? Quebec collects its own income tax and collects pension income, providing seniors with a pension similar to CCP, plus they have their own health care programs. She is not entitled to sit on the board of Canadian banks.

Plus the top half of the province of Quebec belongs to the Inuits and I believe James Bay power plant is located on native lands. The Seaway belongs to Canada and United States plus the Trans-Canada Highway also belongs to Canada. There is no way they can prevent people from using them or put up barriers.

The Newfoundland Agreement about hydro power may become null and void since it was signed with Province of Quebec not a Separatist Quebec, they would lose all the income generated from the sale of power to the U.S.

So, by taking away what belongs to others the province is reduced considerably and they would lose all the watersheds located in the upper part of the province. Plus all the military personal will be transferred out of the province and the military bases would be closed. 

At last the referendum, the Inuits wanted no part of the separation, nor the native people located outside of Montreal. I do hope that sensible persons will prevail and turn down this bid for separation.


Micheline Sterling            


Organizations: Trans-Canada Highway

Geographic location: Province of Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa United States James Bay Canada

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