Offensive cartoon lacks humour

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To the editor,

I, as a Canadian, am greatly offended and insulted by the recent cartoon (printed in the Pictou Advocate) depicting the swastika flying over our Peace Tower at the Parliament Buildings.

 I am also very upset by the statement by the author of this offensive material when he said "the use of the swastika was simply aligning the Harper government with Nazis."

If I have ever seen a case for clear hate mongering, this is it. I am dismayed that the government is not, at the very least, demanding the firing of the cartoonist and the publisher of that paper who authorized the publication of this material. When I say government I include every member of Parliament as they all represent government in Canada.


Now, by demanding strong action in this case, there will undoubtedly be those who would have the nerve to say that the Harper government is trying to muzzle the press. However, demanding action to curb such ostentatious displays of hate literature, is not muzzling the press at all.


I am asking that the members of Parliament stand in unison in condemning this hateful and highly offensive material.


John Harris



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